A Smarter Business Plan Built on Your Phone, for Free

The Business Planning App is the first and only mobile app that helps you plan for a new or growing small business without having any entrepreneurship training, and for free. 

Download and let yourself be guided through simple step-by-step activities designed to gather all the information needed to:

  • Define your business model
  • Create a budget for it
  • Compose a basic business plan and send it to your email

Think Less and Get Organized Faster 

We have done all the preparation work for you. This means that we already know the questions you need to answer, so in a fun and simple way, each Activity Set within the app is compiling your thoughts and the information you already have. Then, we organize and shape your answers into a business plan you can later add to and keep current.

Your app was very helpful in figuring out the numbers we needed to run our business more effectively.
— Edren, entrepreneur
I am amazed by how easy this was to use even though I am not really technology savvy.
— Carol Ann, entrepreneur
One client told me he did his business plan while waiting to get his hair cut!
— Karen, business coach

In 2016, 929 small business entrepreneurs completed their business plans using the Centro Business Planning App. View who they are and what they are saying.

The Business Planning App is:


No special knowledge required to:

  • Follow a guided process designed to build-up your business idea
  • Answer basic questions about you
  • Structure your business plan, and request a write-up version to save and share


Download it on your phone or tablet to:

  • Complete the business plan at your own pace anywhere you are
  • Make changes anytime you get new information or your idea evolves
  • Store your business information securely 


The Business Planning App helps you:  

  • Understand your business model
  • Seek advice by sharing your plan with anyone you want
  • Assess your credit, give you next steps to improve it or recommend a Kiva U.S. loan

Step Up. We're Here to Help.

Centro Community Partners (Centro) is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, CA leader in the field of mobile apps for business planning, designed specifically for individuals who lack any business education or experience.

The Centro Business Planning App is partially funded by Silicon Valley technology partners Google.org and Vodafone Americas Foundation. We do this with a single goal in mind: to provide small business entrepreneurs everywhere with affordable, culturally appropriate and high-impact enterprise-building tools they can use on their phones and tablets. Centro Community Partners was also Kiva U.S.'s top 10 Trustee in 2015 & 2016.